Plagiarism check

Are you trying to discover the most effective plagiarism detection tools? Plagiarism is a most unbearable act in the literary and digital community; a practice that all reputable individuals and companies try to avoid. In this article, I introduce some good tools for detecting plagiarism.

To Define Plagiarism: Plagiarism occurs when you copy a work and present it as your own. We already know that. First, we have to ask ourselves something: is plagiarism online for free? It can be very important to perform a plagiarism check online for free. One possibility would be to try the software from Plagscan for free. They offer customers a free trial period (Free Trial Period). You may open a trial account to learn more about the product.

What is Plagscan?

PlagLevel helps you spot the amount of potential plagiarism in your documents in seconds. A source list provides you with visual help to find all sources that match the content of your document.

Instead of spending hours manually typing content into search engines to find duplicates, you can easily upload all your documents at once and review them in just a few clicks.

Analyze and change the changes with the browser bar. With the keyboard, you can easily navigate through your reports and customize your individual settings.

You can leave comments and share your documents with your colleagues and students so they can collaborate on tasks or discuss results.

Export your reports locally as a Word or PDF file. Visualize your report as a list or text for slow network connections.

Extend the plagiarism scan to other collusion review sources, whitelist sources, or customize your settings to suit your workflow.

The Plag level provides a rough estimate of how much content is plagiarized in a document. To indicate if a document requires a thorough investigation, PlagScan calculates the percentage of duplicate content.

It is very easy to read and understand a report through this software. The PlagScan report includes highlights in red, blue, and green to illustrate possible plagiarism, paraphrases, and quotes.

The highlighted matches are listed in the list of sources. If you click on a number from a source in the left source list, you go to the longest match (hit) of this source, which is then highlighted in yellow.

If your text contains matches, you can find the location of the matching sources in the source list. The category indicates whether the source comes from the network or other databases. If you follow the link to the source, you can see the results directly in the source code.

You navigate through the hits and find the corresponding sources very fast

Click on the PlagBar to see the desired match. Use the arrows on the browser bar below the PlagBar to switch from one match to another.

You do not need to download your report anymore. Simply share the report link to allow other people to comment, edit, or read.

You can collaborate and interact directly with colleagues by leaving comments, reading comments or responding.

Adjust your plagiarism detection to your needs

After the initial reviews, you can take additional steps to plan your plagiarism review and proceed with your analysis.

If you prefer to work offline, the PlagScan Plagiarism Report can be downloaded as a PDF and Word file. Both formats include the sources that appear in the interactive browser report.

PlagScan offers additional online views in addition to the interactive report. If you want a complete overview of hits and sources, you can read the PlagScan report as a list. For slow connections, offer the report as text.

PlagScan can help you to compare your current documents with your previous documents. Just upload it to Document Manager and take advantage of this exam.

In addition, the software has an internal database, the Plagiarism Prevention Pool: This collection archive is a database of documents sent to PlagScan by other institutions. You benefit from this database and your anonymity and data security are guaranteed.

You can use the whitelist feature if you want to ignore certain sites or sources during plagiarism. Simply enter the URLs of the websites, URLs + for entire domains, or the specific phrases you want to exclude by adding them to your administration panel. Therefore, they will not be considered in the next document review.

Of course, PlagScan is not the only tool that makes plagiarism free. There are many other programs that allow you to do plagiarism check online for free. If you are looking for plagiarism software for free, one should not forget that plagiarism finders can be very different. Getting access to a plagiarism scanner for free is not an easy task, especially if you value quality.

Dupli Checker

This is one of the most effective tools for free detection of plagiarism on the Internet. It does not have a fancy interface, but it does the job.

You do not have to pay anything. Regardless of whether you are a single user or plan to use this free plagiarism detection tool every day, you do not have to pay for the subscription.

You get a very simple, functional layout that does not require previous experience with plagiarism detection tools.

2 ways to check for plagiarism

With Dupliccker you can either copy and paste your text into the field and then check for plagiarism or upload a docx or text file from your computer.

If you register for free, you can make 50 plagiarism checks in a single day.

  • disadvantage
  • 1 search per day for unregistered users

If you do not opt ​​for a free registration, you are limited to just one plagiarism check per day.


With this cloud-based authentication platform, you can track how eLearning content is used around the Internet.

Copyleaks can scan content in various file formats and all Unicode languages. With Copyleaks, you can use the API tool to search the Internet for plagiarized eLearning content. It also features a mobile app along with an MS Office add-on that lets you search for plagiarism while writing a document on MS Word.

Unfortunately, you can not use it until after you have logged in. You need to open a free account, and only the first 10 pages are free.

If you sign up for free, you may check 2,500 words per month. There are flexible subscription plans from $ 9.99 per month to check up to 25,000 words without a daily limit. You can also pre-pay for a certain number of words that should be checked monthly.